Territory: Directed by Eleanor Mortimer

A warm and lyrical film about our territorial tendencies as humans.

Selected Awards & Festivals:

Best Short Documentary, Hot Docs, 2015

Honorable Mention, Camden Film Festival 2015

Sundance Film Festival, 2016

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Pioneers Trailer: Directed by Grace Harper

This is a story of real lives in a fantasy world.

Selected Awards & Festivals:

St Louis International Film Festival, 2015

London Short Film Festival 2017

Cambodia Calling Trailer: Directed by Anna Snowball

70-year old Jean sets off for an evangelical mission trip to Cambodia, leaving behind 3 months worth of frozen meals for her husband in York. 

Directed by Anna Snowball



Learning to Fly- Aeon Exclusive: Directed by Eleanor Mortimer

A brief, whimsical documentary, where the camera’s gaze falls on urban birdwatchers as they wait for, observe and marvel at the peregrine falcons hovering above Sheffield in the north of England.

Watch the full version exclusively on Aeon: Learning To Fly


Sheffield Gas - Full Film Coming Soon: Directed by Grace Harper

Sheffield Gas follows a philosophical delivery man in Sheffield on some of his final deliveries before his controversial job is banned in the UK. 


The Lights of Flushing: Directed by Anna Snowball

A short documentary exploring the unusual traditions of the locals in a small coastal village in Cornwall, who put up memorial lights to remember those who have passed away.

Made with funding from the BFI.

Selected Awards & Festivals:

Open City Docs 2013

London Short Film Festival 2013


Ship Spotters: Co-directed by Eleanor Mortimer & Anna Snowball

In Felixstowe, a seaside town in England, watching container ships is a tradition, and a time for taking stock of life.

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